Infant Development Coaching

Infant Development Coaching Icon - Baby crawling amongst toys
Not sure how to play with your baby, or how to foster their healthy development? We provide coaching built around fun and easy activities that will stimulate your infant's development - and help you enjoy their adorable smiles and giggles. And please remember, most of your baby's learning within their first year will happen naturally as you talk to them, read to them, make faces with them, and interact with them each day!

Our coaching will include information and activities in the following areas:

  1. Tummy time tips
  2. Having fun with faces
  3. Playing with boxes
  4. Fun with string
  5. Laughing with silly stuff
  6. Trying out textures
  7. Playing with water
  8. The power of pointing
  9. Make-believe games
  10. Playing with cupboard items
  11. Learning with simple toys
  12. Being a baby bookworm